First Day

Today is the first day of school here, and I had meant to send a "Happy New (School) Year" treat for all the teachers we've had before. I stayed up late making cinnamon roll cupcakes to put into little clear plastic cups.  I just plain forgot to figure in enough time for letting the refrigerated rolls rise when I set the clock last night. Oops.
But tomorrow's another day, and the kiddos will be seeing the French teacher then, too, so no biggie.  

After the kids were happily launched, I was browsing through a link I followed from Pinterest and found yet another really cute idea that would be great a teacher gift. I thought, "Yes! Sooo much better than APPLES!"

I'm always looking for sweet, handmade gifts that make the recipient think, "Wow!" not, "Cheap!" Maybe you're the same way?

I've started a list that you'll find here, specifically aimed at upper grade teachers and staff. (There are plenty of ideas for elementary teachers, so I aimed older and tried to include the guys.)

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