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April 29: Looking for a teacher gift? 
Our end-of-the-year gifts for 2012 are catalogued here and here, with links to recipes and tutorials!
Happy gifting!
Eight weeks ago, I posed myself a question on Pinterest, after seeing these cute little personalized liquid
soap dispensers by Katy over at Smile Like You Mean It.  I wondered: Since most teachers do not have access to water in their classrooms, could these cute little liquid soap containers be tweaked for waterless sanitizers?

While waiting to test my question,  since it was our anniversary and the verse is engraved in his wedding band, I immediately made this one with regular liquid soap for my husband's sink . (Just slipped it in there without a word, and was rewarded with one of those smiles (the kind I can never tell whether's he's touched or trying to keep from rolling his eyes) and, "You are something else, you know that?" (I'm going with "touched," and moving on.)

I added a redo to improve the results to my craft journal list (here it is, including a sweet dispenser from Target in sea-glass blue to match our Caribbean-color master suite!) and then smeared a little anti-bac on another image to see whether the 66% alcohol was a sure-fire way to end up with a blank transparency. Then I forgot about it.

This disgusting thing sat on the counter through uniform shopping, school registration, learner's permit acquisition, practices and assignments.  (That's just hand sanitizer, I promise. Nobody's even had a cold lately. Really.) Been a busy few weeks around here, it has. But nothing smeared or scraped off; that's the main thing.

I’m finally getting around to finishing the test. Here you can see I'm trying submerging a snippet in the hand sanitizer for a prolonged stay, just to see. I’d hate to give a gift that melted and ended up  nasty and useless. As I edit this, it's been 24 hours with no signs of problems. Coolio.

Stay tuned for all the variations I'm planning. I love this kind of experimentation, seeing what I can figure out through trial and error!

Well, most of the time I do.

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