Song of Solomon 3:4

Eighteen years ago, I was 31 years old, marrying for the first time. I had Song of Solomon 3:4 engraved in my handsome husband's wedding band. (He had "Always" engraved in mine.)

Our church has spent the last several months going verse-by-verse (and sometimes word-by-word) through that little-taught book. For much of the time, it was standing-room only in our gym/sanctuary, the hour-long lessons notwithstanding.  I think folks were hungry to hear God's plan for sexuality and romance. A lot of tears were evident. I hope they foreshadowed a lot of healing.

On our anniversary I put the verse into my husband's liquid soap dispenser, just because. I didn't like the way it turned out, so I re-did it, as I often do. (I tend to do things twice. Seamrippers are my best friend, can I just tell you?) Here's the result, in a sea-glass blue bottle from Target.


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