Diabetic-Friendly Chicken Enchilada...Schtuff

We like Tex-Mex around my house, and I like to try new recipes. I saw a diabetic-friendly chicken enchilada casserole recipe on Pinterest a few weeks ago and tried it. My oldest called it "Bean Mush" even as she was asking me to make it again. Translation: the flavors were amazing, but the texture left a great deal to be desired, in our estimation.

So I fiddled. Dropped first some then all the corn tortillas right out, added Ro-Tel, served it in crispy taco shells.

I've made this current version four times now, double batches each time. I have to hurry and scoop out what I intend to freeze or share with another family while it's still kind of too hot for the freezer bag, or risk there not being enough left over to freeze or share.  I think that means they like it, don't you?
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So far, we've tried it as a dip (with lime tortilla chips)...
as a taco filler, as a burrito filler, as a topping for Spicy Rice, and just plain from a bowl with a spoon.  I've even eaten it cold, and it was pretty good then, too. We haven't found a BAD way to eat it.  In short, we think c'est si bon! (Or however you say that in Spanish...)

Don't let the list of ingredients make you shy away.
 It cooks up quickly, doubles easily, freezes beautifully, tastes wonderful!

Diabetic-Friendly Enchilada Casserole

Here's the carb breakdown, in case you make your own changes:
Carb counts from item packaging and this site.
A caveat about the nutrition information and "diabetic friendly" assertion:  I am not a nutritionist. I am the chief cook and bottle washer for a type 1 diabetic who enjoys good food. I watch carbs, portion size, salt, fat, and calories in that order on his behalf, as suggested in our year of diabetic counselling. I explain here what we learned and what we (mostly) apply. It's not meant as medical advice, only friendly encouragement to run out today and find your own diabetic nurse and nutritionist. It's made all the difference to us.

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