Praying the Scripture

A new school year for me means finding new routines. Since I had been feeling pulled toward spending more time in the Word and in focused prayer, I wanted to be sure to build it into the new schedule.
[Don't get me wrong--I don't think Christianity is a system of do-this-get-that.
I don't think I'm going to get a better pillow in heaven because I build quiet time
into the start of my day, any more than I believe than a balanced diet
is a guarantee that I'll never get sick.

But throwing out the anchor of quiet time with Jesus makes rough seas 

I just figure that if I'm "In a Relationship" with Jesus,
shouldn't I be spending quality time with Him?
I don't want to start my day in a rush and
somewhere I didn't mean to go.)

My friend Frank--who is also my pastor--shared with me that, sometime during the week, he goes into the gym (where we meet for services) and prays Ephesians 3:14-17 for the congregation. He encouraged me to do the same for my kids and husband (and self!), substituting actual names for the "you" in the text.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't pray by repeating a prayer.

This, however, turns out not to be a "vain repetition," because it has become a springboard 
to just pour out my heart for that person, 
telling God everything
asking Him for anything
and--thanks to how the verses are organized--always 
coming back to the most important thing on this mother's heart: 
that no matter what else is going on, they'd be filled up with the fullness of God,
 grasping the enormity of His love for them.

If they get THAT, they'll be completely immune to any temptation to
seek significance or comfort outside of who they are in Christ.

I'm loving praying it for them, my husband, myself, and everybody else who  pops into my mind or onto my prayer list. Maybe you will, too.

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