Baking Up for It

One-fourth of an 8-ounce (uncooked weight) loaf = about 18 g carbs.
C thinks the joy-to-carb ratio is more than worth it! 
My sweet husband adores fresh bread, and since he's limited in quantity, I "bake up for it" with one slice of  quality fresh bread nearly every day. I don't like the texture of bread in a bread machine (and don't have the counter space anyway), and C likes a more rustic loaf than any of the traditional  recipes I had. 

For the last six years, I mixed up a  half a recipe of the New York Time's No-Knead Bread at dawn just about every day, and we loved it. But I've found something better.

It's 5-minute artisan bread done in a big, week-long batch. It's so easy and fast you have to try it, especially if your resident diabetic is a bread lover. 

Try it, even if you're scared to death of yeast bread, because...
  1. You can mix up one big batch one morning and bake from it for up to two weeks. 
  2. If you happen to be sleep-deprived and you happen to not be able to remember to put the bread dough on some morning, your family can still have bread for supper.
  3. You can do the broiler-full-of-boiling-water thing for a crispy loaf or skip that step and get a tender and soft crust, depending on your diners' preferences. 
  4. You will have plenty dough at the ready so that you can take it to a friend in need pronto (I just love doing that!) without depriving your family of their daily bread. 
  5. You can mix in a different flavor for each loaf you make if you want (cheese, herbs, cinnamon and sugar are good to try)
  6. You can make exactly enough bread for your dinner. Most nights only three of us want bread, so I can make a tiny 8-ounce (uncooked weight) loaf. But if I take it to to my friend Steph (who has four kids), I can make a big ol' 16-ounce loaf.
  7. Variety. The first loaves taste yeasty, the last loaves taste wheat-y My husband prefers the more mature flavor of this dough toward the end of the second week. 
  8. It's practically impossible to mess up. You don't need to fret over technique or too-precise measurements. It just turns out, I promise.
  9. It's really easy and really good.
  10. If you have a slice or two left on a regular basis, you can chunk it up and pop it into a freezer zipper bag. Keep adding to it until you have enough to make a Busy Day Strata (a layered savory bread pudding). Why not invite some friends over to share it for an easy brunch?
It's not my recipe, and I haven't made any improvements (yet!), so I'll just give the link: 

Three friends came over the morning I wrote this entry back in October for a bread-baking party. We started by enjoying coffee and strata (a great way to use of any leftover bits of bread), then filled the containers they brought with fresh dough they made themselves. It was a lot of fun, and there are now three more folks in the world who know how easy and satisfying it is to make fresh bread. (Wish I hadn't felt like it would put them on the spot to take pictures!)

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