Honey Graham S'more Cake Pop Recipe

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About 20 high school seniors taste-tested these for me, comparing them against my Fudgy S'more Cake Pops. "Great texture," one wrote. "Love how different it is," wrote another. "Surprising but different," wrote a third.

The fudge version was rated higher (77 to 52) by the students, but we really liked this one at our house. The from-scratch graham cupcake recipe  by Ming Bakes Cupcakes is sublime, and you can't go wrong with chocolate chips and marshmallow creme. Students suggested a finer texture and more moisture (so it would stay on a stick) and fewer chocolate chips. "Add a better topping," suggested another, not much liking my fine graham crumb sprinkles.

Their changes are incorporated, with thanks and admiration for their tact, brevity, and thoroughness. (Go Griffs!) Can't wait to see how these new and improved s'mores cake balls go over at the craft fair! (Jump to see the recipe!)

Honey Graham S'mores Cake Balls 

Yield: about 42 1.25" cake balls

Click here for a printable recipe if you don't have a scribd.com account:

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