Darcy Wins Again

Ah, allusion.

You, Dear Reader, are looking at the Mr. Darcy of cake balls. Crunchy pretzel bits, chewy caramel chunks,  and coarse salt. Bound together in a fudge brownie with caramel icing.

The name "Darcy" comes from this note, written by a high school senior on the back of a ballot:

"We just watched Pride and Prejudice in class. The two cakes reminded me of Mr. Darcy (CPB) and Mr. Bingley (Snick). While I thoroughly enjoyed both, I love Mr. Darcy!"

I didn't need to see this current movie of Pride and Prejudice to know just what she was saying. I've read it many times, and seen the BBC Colin firth version almost as many. Yep, Bingley is charming and happy and rich, but Darcy is, well, Darcy.

To be fair, I knew that was coming. While the cake balls were still being taste-tested at school, I wrote in the first (now discarded) draft:

I'm afraid the Honey Snickerdoodle cake I came up with for the Cake Pop Project entry this week
 is the girl who gets overlooked when it's time to find a date for the dance...
mild and sweet, maybe a little too easy to get along with, but hiding  
happy surprises if you get to know her well enough to find out.
 No problems at all, start to finish. Sweet, moist, light.
(In fact, I may take it to Bible Study Thursday as a breakfast cake,
maybe with some homemade apple butter or blueberry quickjam on the side.)
But I know the Caramel-pretzel-brownie cakeball, the Drama Queen, is going to "win."

Yep. Mr. Darcy. 

(And what a GREAT allusion! I adore these students!)

I could bore you with the details of the multiple attempts it took to get this right, of homemade brownies and from-scratch caramel that failed miserably. Instead I'll just give you Mr. Darcy, the cake ball which the teachers and the students (including my two here at home) just love. If you're interested in duplicating what I did exactly, use Giardelli brownie mixes. I used one double chocolate mix and one dark chocolate mix, baked them separately and blended their crumbs together. 

Don't want to download? 
Click the button for a printable recipe.

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