Honey Snickerdoodle Cake Balls

If you're looking for knock-you-down flavors or textures, this cake ball probably isn't for you.

If, however, you're looking for a subtle, moist little treat that would be excellent companion for an afternoon cup of tea and a good mate for your breakfast coffee, read on.

More than one student said it tastes exactly like Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. My daughter (who can eat her weight in chocolate and who just about DOES eat her weight in pretzels in a week)
nevertheless chose this one over its caramel-pretzel-brownie competitor in the Block Day Bake off.

So, if you're like my Sweet Pea and think a mild flavor and smooth texture can be good things, join the club. We have cinnamon-flavored powdered sugar on our t-shirts.

I adapted it from AlwaysWithButter's cake by dropping most of the sugar, adding honey, substituting mellow and sweet roasted cinnamon and bolder Saigon for plain. I also reduced the amounts to make the cake fit the 7 x 11 brownie pan I like to use. (I make less just so I don't have too many leftover cake balls.) Enjoy!

Honey Snicker Doodle Cake Balls

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