Seriously Ugly Fudge Cake

It's fudge. With fudge icing.

Knowing that, do you even care what it looks like?

I don't. Unlike Bakerella and a host of other uber-talented decorator/bakers, I don't much do "cute." Now, I love cute, I think those gals are awesome, and I'm sure their gorgeous creations taste as delicious as they look.

But as much as I like it when a dessert comes out looking nice, I'm content with one that tastes marvelous even if it looks kinda plain. (My tendency to always gravitate toward substance over appearance apparently applies even to desserts.) I am always so disappointed when I waste carbs/calories/workouts eating a gorgeous-looking dessert that tastes just so-so, and since I only have so much energy to expend, I focus my attention on taste. Because C is diabetic, we have a habit of taking the carb-to-joy ratio seriously 'round here. If you're going to spend from a limited budget, make sure the price buys you something well worth the expense.

This cake, ugly as it is, is incredible. What it is NOT is diabetic friendly in any sense of the word. In fact, it's kind of mean to bake it when there's a chocolate-loving diabetic around. It smells like I hope at least one corner of heaven smells, and a piece the size in the picture is pretty much a week's worth of carbs. Not nice.

Three reasons it's one of my favorite cakes to share:

  1. It's a great last-minute dessert because it uses ordinary ingredients I usually have on hand, and it requires precisely zero backflips. Mix it, bake it, pour icing over it, try to resist eating it all yourself. That's it.
  2. Folks rave about it. Here's the thing about sharing food...most people adhere to Thumper's Rule: if they can't say something nice about a dish, they just don't say anything at all (to the cook, anyway). When I take this cake to somebody, though, the recipient usually runs up and grabs me next time they see me. Exclamations punctuated by moans and nummy noises ensue. 
  3. You bake it and take it (or serve it) in the same 9" x 13" pan. Or, since I can never resist taking at least one bite of it while it's warm, it makes two 8" x 8" cakes just as easily. [Helpful Hint: If you're like me and can't help yourself sampling it while it's warm, go ahead and split the recipe. It's not nice to take a cake with a corner gone. It's enough batter to have some yourself and still share plenty.]
I wish I could tell you where I got this recipe, but it's too old. My first record of it is in 2003, when I wrote "Made on the night of the full lunar eclipse and shared with the Watsons."

One note, just so you don't think you've done something wrong: it's a pretty flat little cake. I've often wondered if I accidentally left out some baking powder or something when I copied the recipe (probably  from a doctor's office magazine onto the back of a receipt), but I've never felt inclined to "fix" it. It's dense and gooey, and that's just fine by me. My eyes are closed the whole time I'm eating it, anyway.
Really Ugly Fudge Cake
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P.S. I'm really new to all this and trying hard to make it easier to print just the recipe. 
If you have a better idea, do tell!

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