There's A Party Goin' On In Here

"I'd eat this off the floor."
"Still a fan of Andes Mint, but I'd still have babies with this cake ball!"
"I'ma let you finish, but this was the best cake ball of all time. OF ALL TIME!"

So...think they liked it?

It was an apology cake ball, a birthday-cake flavored make-up kiss. With sprinkles.

I'd made eggless chocolate chip cookie dough cake pops for the kids to taste on Wednesday, and the reviews--to put it kindly--were mixed. Some few loved it, like Sweet Pea. She thought it was wonderful. (That's a good thing, since she has the rest of a double batch to finish up by herself.) Some thought, variously, that it was gooey, slimy, had invisible coconut or cinnamon in it (nope on both counts), and needed more/less chips. (My own complaint was that it was sooooo buttery it wouldn't stay on the stupid stick no matter what I tried.)

Oooookaaayyy. Not every attempt is a success, right? On the silver lining front, though, I figured out that it was the Mexican vanilla that was giving it the strange taste, I think. Still, I didn't have the heart to send it to G-man's class on Thursday. His teacher suffered a bereavement this week and wasn't there anyway.

But Friday--today--was the senior's exam day, and I asked Mrs. S if I could send it as a treat--no ballot--without disrupting the testing.

When she said yes, I didn't need to think too hard for inspiration. I just made a cake ball recommended early in the process on the back of Regan's ballot.

Look at this gorgeous white batter!
Somebody should make a facial treatment that looks and feels like this.

I couldn't find a mix, but I found a copycat recipe online and took off with it. They loved it.

Here's how:

  1. Make this, theKitchn's variation of the Joy of Cooking white velvet cake, with sprinkles. If you're interested, one senior recommended leaving out the brown sprinkles, if possible, for aesthetics. I trimmed the browned top, bottom, and sides off so that only the whitest of cake would be included, saving the golden and crunchy crusts for Sweet Pea.
  2. Make a quarter-recipe of any cream cheese butter cream icing. You really only need about 1/2 cup.
  3. Make cake balls. Crumbling the cake and adding icing will make that nice white cake turn blue, with little dots of bright colors. For crunch,  I stuffed mine with a few sprinkles.
  4. Crumb-coat in white candy melts, then dip again and add a few sprinkles on top.
The whole thing took about two and a half hours, counting the time it took to cool the cake enough to crumble.

What I got back was an empty pan and a half-sheet of handwritten one-liners from students that made me LOL, really. The most often-used word: amazing.

 (Thanks, Regan!)

Since there weren't any cake balls left, and since it's such an easy recipe, that I made another batch of the cake this afternoon, split it between two 12 x 8 x 1.5 disposable cake pans topped each with the rest of the cream cheese buttercream I had saved in the fridge. I sent it with the kids tonight to the youth retreat, still warm. There's one for the boys' house, one for the girls', and a bundle of spoons for each, so they can eat straight from the pan.

I told them to think of it as a goodnight kiss from mom and dad. Since it's 10:20 and they still haven't called to say they're in and tell us good night, I think they took me literally. I like to think they're happily slurping up some cake with their friends, making sweet memories that'll connect to the almond-vanilla-sprinkles combination. Someday, with one bite of something similar, maybe they'll remember the night, the cake, how much I love baking, and them!

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