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Got rough hands? Me, too.

My Papaw was a carpenter sought after for his skills, and he had seriously work-worn hands to show for it. My mom (not a carpenter, but very handy in her own way) has struggled her whole life with splits and snags. 

It must be hereditary.

It's my hands you see in the photos here on humofdelicious, and while I agree with the friend who encouraged me to "get a hand model" that mine are pretty ugly hands, I also agree with my daughter, who said,

"Well, they're the hands that 
know how to do all this stuff, 
so I'd go with that 
if I were you."

Okay, then. Let's go with that.

(That's here right there, all sunny in yellow. I cannot wait to see where she is when she's my age. She's soooo far ahead of where I was at hers.)

Anyway, my hands--talented though they may be--are just plain rough. I don't sew delicate fabrics because they catch on my rough hands. 

For most of my life, I've just resigned myself to it. Age, however, hasn't improved the situation one whit. I went on the warpath recently, determined to get it under control before I became kind of an organic version of Wolverine.

I found a link on Pinterest for a lemony olive oil scrub, made some for myself, and shared it with friends (who went on to share it with their friends!).  It worked, but the olive oil kind of got to me. I just don't like its heavy feel and scent!  If I'm smelling olive oil, I'm looking for the dipping herbs and crusty bread or trying hard not to get it on my clothes since it's hard to wash out.

One day some rosy, sunny grapefruits flirted with me in the produce isle. Adding their zest to the mix was pretty, but their scent was strangled by all that olive oil.  Enter white grapefruit essential oil, which both smells good and claims to be anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. (I get a lot of cuts banging around here, so this could be a good thing.) 

The next change was to improve the oil. I decided to add just enough so that the grains stick together, for one thing. I also wanted to add some vitamin E somehow without breaking open little capsules or buying expensive oil. Guess what I found on the baking aisle? Sunflower oil!  It's light in color and feel, very lightly scented, fairly inexpensive...and lookie here, it's quite high in E (though I'm not sure whether that counts for skin application or only ingestion).  

Ahhh.The scent is summer and sunshine. The song is part of the fun. Oh, and it works.

All that makes me happy, grey skies or blue.

Might it make you happy, too?!

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