On Leaving Well Enough Alone

chicken and bacon alfredo

If it's on sale, it's what's for dinner.

This week, Winn-Dixie had chicken tenders on sale--buy one, get one.

So I bought two and got two.

When this was such a hit on Tuesday with my two, I used the extra chicken to make it again on Wednesday, to share. It turned into a virtually free dinner to share with a friend and her family before youth group. (Nobody ever said generosity had to cost a lot of money, did they?)

When C travels, we eat meals that aren't good choices for him. Yes, I know diabetes has both hereditary and dietary components...that's why we eat like we do most of the time. But even C gets "holidays" from eating precisely what's good for him. Why shouldn't we?

The kids--being kids--loooove big bowls of pasta. They like alfredo sauce (C doesn't). And they don't mind chicken breasts or tenders (C does mind--only thighs for him, ever).

Do you see it? This was a virtual storm of had-to-happen.

What can I say. When the cat's away, the mice play.

Plain Chicken's chicken and bacon pasta (pinned a looong time ago) inspired this, but I hadn't had a chance to make it yet. When I printed the recipe, I was disappointed to realize that not only am I not comfortable with the last-minute eggs, I just really don't like adding cream cheese in savory food.

(Besides, I was all out at the moment--or I'd have used it to make cream cheese filling for the king cake cake balls in development at the time!)

But--wait a minute--I did have two tiny jars of alfredo sauce hiding out in the pantry.

And, you know, some garlic and wine and red pepper (and the amazing alder-smoked salt from last week's field trip to Whole Foods)...and stuff.

I can't ever leave well enough alone.

In this case, I think that turned out to be a good thing.
Next time? 
I'll try adding sun-dried tomatoes and making my own alfredo sauce
...after I research the eggs.

Chicken Bacon Pasta Alfredo
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humofdelicious Chicken and Bacon Alfredo

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