Saying Thanks

Teaching is a tough gig. My kids have pretty consistently been blessed with good ones. I always want to acknowledge those who've made a difference to my kids--even if...and maybe especially if--my high schoolers can't see it and therefore won't acknowledge it.

Every year, every teacher, secretary, bus driver, principal, and counselor gets a hand-written thank-you note and some sort of edible treat. I categorically refuse to give anything with an apple, and I refuse to give cute-but-useless gifts that present the recipient only two choices:
throw it away now, 
or throw it away later. 

No offense, but those highly decorated little bags of graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars with a "s'more" quip would fall in that category, for me. I think most teachers are going to snag the mini chocolate bar and ditch the rest. Seems a lot of effort and little effect.

There's a difference between a good pun 
and a good gift, don't you think?

Why not send a gift that's both punny and yummy?

The kids' teachers and counselors each got two or three edible treats and a thank-you note in a lunch bag. The goodie bag might contain any (or all!) of these, depending on who was packing it and who was receiving it:

You might ask: why so much stuff?

Because, well...
we think they're 
and a bag of chips!
(Click to get the free printables!)

Haven't heard back on the book mark or sugar scrub (yet), but I've gotten several requests for recipes or repeats, and I happen to know one teacher got caught eating the salsa with her finger after I apparently didn't send quite enough chips!

Makes me giggle just to think about.

That's what I did. What did YOU do?!

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