Berry Delicious Cake Pops

When C travels, I tend to stay up later than usual crafting, and that's one of the few times I watch TV. After a night or two of him being out of town, it dawned on me recently: TV is bad for my will power! Food commercials are painful to watch when I'm trying to make good choices (and fewer of them!). That little epiphany led me to realize that one of the reasons I wanted to blog was to share diabetic friendly recipes with those who perhaps don't have the luxury of experimentation like I do...and that posting cake pop shots in the middle of low-carb recipes isn't exactly playing nice. I'll still post the story, but I'll be hiding photos of treats like that below the break so that someone here looking for a healthful diabetic choice isn't distracted.

But I wanted to share: a few weeks ago I tried homemade strawberry cake pops with fresh strawberry buttercream filling. They were a huge hit with the kids in Sweet Pea's senior English class!

Pop on over to humofdeliciouspops for all the details of this summery treat! Photo below the break!

Just one word: YUM!

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