Why Not?

(Read Part 1 of this experiment here, and part 3 here.)

While drilling the corks for the last batch of cork planters, I saw a fun quote that fits my friend Holly to a T.
(She's not a lush or anything. She just appreciates a glass of wine with her dinner!)
I don't mind drilling a cork with writing, but it seemed a waste to turn this the wrong way.

So I didn't. Why not? 

Easy how to:

1. Drill three or four holes into the side of the cork, like this.

What a mess, right?

Never fear. Scissors are here.

(Well, if you can get Fritz to quit trying to be helpful and get off of them, that is.)

It cleaned up pretty nicely.

The soil, Soil Moist, and plants go in the same way as the vertical cork planters.

Takes about 10 minutes, tops.

Except, well, oops.
Watering proved that I needed to tweak the process a little.

The Soil Moist granules I'd chosen might have been a little on the, um, large side;
THIS is what is under that cowlick of moss:
Kind of HUGE to fit in a cork, dontcha think?

I tore the cold, slimy mass apart and put just a tiny bit back in and slicked the moss back down.
For my next trick, I'll pulverize some of this stuff and see how THAT works. (Stay tuned.)

I'm watching it to see how it does.

Just another experiment, in progress 'round here.


nancybabb said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You did it! I LOVE this cork idea!...cause you know I'm in to minis, anything mini. But my problem is I have no corks and no drill! I'm gonna have to make something different ??? I didn't know there was such a thing as soil moist, gotta check that out.

Dineen said...

With the plastic cork, evaporation may not be as big an issue as with natural cork. On to the next post to see how you're doing. I've also heard of issues with the soil moist crystals not being very "willing" to give the water back to the soil, so I am curious to see how things play out.

Minou Barton said...

Nice to hear from you, Dineen! I'm wondering, as time passes, if the crystals are being stingy with water. I'm just not sure what to do about it. Got any ideas?! ;)

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