Mea Culpa

(Read Part 1 of this experiment here, and parts 2, 3 and 4.)

Oops.  Again.

This phase of my little experiment didn't go too well.

The phase where I left my sweet little cork planters outside for my sweeter little neighbor girls to take care of while we were gone on vacation a month ago? Yeah, that one.


We came home from vacation and discovered a missing kitty and this lone survivor.

Because I couldn't take them with me (international transport of plants and dirt being frowned upon and all that), I left them on the back bar of the new grill, where they'd get some sun and the girls could get to them to add water without navigating the alarm. Not the girls' fault. It rained almost every day we were gone, and it was All Just Too Much.

Obviously a bad idea for the planters. See?

Back to the drawing board then.

Sorry 'bout that.


Riko Boulware said...

I've just started my adventures with succulents and totally love this idea. Don't give up, I'm sure it's just a matter of finding the right plant. Tillandsia will be perfect for this; doesn't require dirt, soak cork or mist once every two weeks.

Anonymous said...

Every succulent project I have tried takes the same path; so cute in the beginning, the either growing out of control or dying. Did you ever have luck with this one?

Minou Barton said...

Anonymous, so sad...nope. I have lots of corks with lovely little planter space drilled out and magnets attached...and no luck at all!

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