Et voila?
Last night I had a  lightbulb go off as I browsed around the web.

Instead of trying to transplant rooted succulents into a new and tiny home, I realized: Maybe I should be viewing the cork as a cradle instead.

Fine. Take Five, then:
 - A cutting from a miniature aloe plant.
 - A button magnet (all I could quickly find in the mess my office has become).
 - A cork from my pre-drilled stash.
 - Some moss from my under-table bowl.

I'll have to keep tabs on it remotely, since within minutes of its creation, it was out the door. It seemed a perfect last-minute addition to the gift  I was delivering...a great busy-mom plant and a distinctive way to help my friend keep her "meal certificates" on the fridge in plain sight:
A book to read, plus a couple nights out of the kitchen so she'll have time to read it.
All that was missing was a way to keep the certificates in plain sight!

(Could use you use a certificate to bless a busy friend 
with a night out of the kitchen? Go here.)

So that my new little green friend didn't get squished in all the 
hugging and such that goes on at "birthday lunches," 
this birthday bag wore it as a brooch:

The trick?
A washer, taped inside.
(Easily removable for re-gifting the bag.)

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