It On a Stick

As soon as I heard the weather would be cooler than we expected for our chili cook-off, I ran to the computer and rummaged around in my Pinterest boards until I found a pin I'd made months ago: hot chocolate on a stick.

Why make regular hot chocolate when I can cross something off my "dying-to-do" list by making homemade marshmallows and ganache blocks?

When I read the comments at the end of that post, I was disappointed to learn that the "author" had plagiarized Alton Brown's recipe, so I'm giving credit to him, not the post I originally pinned. (C'mon, people. If you use somebody else's recipe, give attribution!)

It worked! Zero problems. Little modification. Interactive hot chocolate that doubled as a treat for my friend with a milk allergy.

I made only two modifications. First, I used my homemade cognac vanilla instead of regular extract. It's a grown-up vanilla flavor, and I might add another half teaspoon next time, to see if I can bump up the flavor  bit.

The only other modification I made was in response to my first marshmallows looking too dusty. Maybe I was doing it wrong; it was was tasty, but didn't exactly look appetizing. To fix it, I dropped each freshly cut marshmallow in a large strainer, then I sprinkled the cornstarch/powdered sugar over the top and shook until all the sticky bits were was covered but most of the powder was knocked off.

For the ganache, I used this recipe. Because this was a last-minute idea, I didn't have any Baker's unsweetened chocolate to use. I rummaged around again (through the cabinets this time) and measured up twenty-two ounces of whatever I had--some Hershey's milk chocolate mini chips, some Nestle semi-sweet full-sized chips, some Giardhelli dark chocolate, and a whole bar of very dark chocolate.   (I think probably I could have hidden cod liver oil in all that chocolatey goodness and nobody would have noticed.)

That's it. Lovely and easy and delicious and fun.

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