Happy Holiday Wine Punch

From Halloween on, citrus is everywhere down here in the deep south. The deep sunny colors and flavors of neighbor-grown oranges, lemons, kumquats and satsumas are as much part of the holiday season for us as snow is up north, especially when that citrus is paired with the ruby reds of cranberries and pomegranates we grab from the produce aisle.

This is an easy recipe that takes all that and elevates it. With the addition of the wines (moscato and red), it yields a punchbowl-full of holiday cheer  that'll get you through even the most grueling family get-together.

It's as good hot as it is cold, too. And if you have tee-totalers and kids drinking, it's as good without the wine as with it. (Well, okay, maybe not as good, but almost!)

It is, however, a light-tasting punch that will sneak up on you, so a warning might be in order for any lightweights who imbibe.

On the other hand, seeing your normally uptight Aunt Maybelle doing the cupid shuffle on the coffee table could be the highlight of any family holiday gathering in history, so maybe not. You decide.

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