Main Dishes

Whether to share at home or with another family, these are some of our favorites.


Chicken and Bacon Alfredo
Chicken tenders, alfredo sauce (purchased or homemade) and a bit of bacon thrown in for good measure. It reheats well, too.

Rotisserie chicken, jar spaghetti sauce, and whatever pasta you have on hand make a quick meal. Red pepper flakes add that "something extra."

Chicken Enchilada Stuffing
Based on a rotisserie chicken, this goes great in tortillas, taco shells, or over rice. Freezes well, too.

Ham, Bacon, Sausage

Ham-Spinach Pasta in Bechamel Sauce
Creamy white cheese sauce with a touch of red pepper for interest, speckled with ham and spinach.

Busy-Day Strata
Made from any bread (even croutons!), cheese, herbs, and breakfast meat you have on hand, it's a surprising casserole that is as good for breakfast as for lunch.

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