Shareable Meals

Some meals are easier to whip up and tote across town than others. Long before I volunteered to help facilitate our church Meals Ministry, I was on the lookout for enjoyable but easy ways to bless others with food.  

Portability is a must, and affordability helps a lot. Variety is big too, though. After receiving the fifth lasagna or third roast, even the most grateful recipient will be happy for something to break up the monotony!

These are my go-to dishes because they're
  • easily doubled (for large families or to feed my crew with enough to share)
  • travel well 
  • are unusual enough for adults but suitably familiar for families with finicky children
  • taste luxurious but are also
  • reasonably priced, especially if you watch for sales on the meat

Ham Pasta in Bechemel Sauce A kind of dressy mac-n-cheese, it's comfort food for both grown-ups and kids. Add a handful of frozen spinach or green peas for an all-in-one dish. Serve with: a green salad and maybe some cooked apples (or purchased applesauce).

Chicken-Bacon Alfredo A creamy, smoky bacon and grilled chicken dish that does need a little marinating, but why not marinate a double batch this week? Serve one to your family, then freeze the other half to share at a moment's notice when you need it. Serve with: green beans, edamame or a green salad and some crispy bread. Some cookies or a really ugly fudge cake would be nice, too.

Busy Day Strata  For a family in need of a little comfort food, this savory bread pudding is good not only as the main offering but also as a little "something extra" tucked in the bag for breakfast or lunch the next day.                                                                                          
Serve with: to turn this stand-alone breakfast into supper, add a green salad or a cup of soup.

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