Meals as Ministry

There's a reason so many of Jesus' miracles involve food. Food seems to minister in a way that a card or a bouquet of flowers just can't.

You don't have to belong to a meals ministry to bless somebody.  Though I've been ministered to by our church meals team several times for the usual reasons (death in the family, surgery, illness), I've also been blessed by individual friends, "just because." Once, when I was up to my neck with prepping the youth charity bazaar, a friend showed up with her crafting supplies to a work session...carrying a simple supper for my crew. I had to compose myself before we could craft!

You don't have to get all fancy. A casserole, a tray of sandwich fixin's, a pitcher of soup is wonderful. Gourmet food is fine if that's all you have, but simple comfort food is almost always best. (How a friend's 9 x 13 casserole blessed me during our recent crisis.) Remember this: your purpose is to bless, not to impress.

The need doesn't have to be large for the blessing to be huge. Look around. I'm guessing there's someone you know who could use a pick-me-up, whether you realize it or not. It doesn't need to be an all-out catastrophe before you take somebody food. I've felt led to bring a meal to someone for no obvious reason, and have found out later that it was God's perfect timing for one reason or the other.  (Once recently He even inspired the precise dish! My friend and I both had goosebumps when she told me that had been pining to herself for French Dip for two days before I called to say I was bringing some! Wow!)

Like the Nike ad says: just do it!

1. To organize meals with a group, find a website to help, ensuring variety and complete schedule coverage. is our go-to organizing website, set up by the team before I volunteered to help . We can share the link to the meals ministry team, the church at large, or friends of the recipient easily. It's free (though our church donates to them yearly). You just create the listing, then send the link (and password) via e-mail. Bonus: give the link to the family receiving the food so they'll know what to expect, too.                              

2. Put yourself in their shoes. You're sick/sad/otherwise hurting or harried. Someone shows up at your door, ostensibly to "bless" you. Imagine how uplifting it is to open to door to…                          

· enough to feed your crew without a lot of extra work. An all-in-one casserole or entree, something green (grocery-store salad?), maybe even dessert. If you're really lucky, she also has a few muffins for breakfast or a quart of soup for lunch tomorrow, too. A card or flower plucked from the yard would be just so much gravy, but it's not missed if it's not there, either.
· a cheerful giver. It's so sweet to see a smiling, unrushed person bearing food! She doesn't make you feel like you're a burden even if she's late to soccer practice! Her demeanor assures you it's her pleasure to serve you as she asks a question or two about your well-being without demanding too many specifics, sincerely offers to do any small chore, then promises prayers and to check back with you on her way out the door. She leaves quickly, leaving you feeling very, very loved on. In fact, you feel ministered to. 
Mission accomplished.

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