The Divine Mrs. M's Salted Caramel Shortbread

A few staple ingredients and an hour equal an amazing food gift!
I'm gearing up for holiday giving to neighbors, friends, family, and teachers, are you? This is one of my favorite edible treats to send to school. It's easy, almost universally liked, and it travels very well!

We've been blessed with so many really good teachers since our oldest started school in 1999. In that universe of bright and shining stars in the educational firmament*, there are two who truly stand out. Interestingly, they're both named Mrs. M.

One Mrs. M taught both Sweetpea and G-man early in their high school careers, and  hers became a respite class for both of them, a welcome safe harbor in the rough seas of a 2000-kid school. No surprise, she's also Jesus-lover, and it shows in her positive outlook and cheery personality. She's a real delight to watch in action. She just loves to love on kids, and what kid doesn't need some extra loving-on in those tough years?

The salted caramel shortbread comes into play because yesterday was this Mrs. M's birthday, and it's her very favorite, see?

If it's a nice, low-humidity day, this is a cinch to make. Keep your eye on the caramel and get it off the heat when it's light-colored and bubbly and in the process of thickening but not actually thick, even if the shortbread's still baking. It will thicken considerably as it cools.

When it has cooled on the shortbread, you should be able to make a soft fingerprint in it somewhere off to one side. (If you can't leave a fingerprint, use caution when biting into a bar so you don't break a tooth. It'll still be awesome; it'll just take you longer to eat it!)

I try to give credit for recipes that aren't original, but the closest I can come with this one is that it's from some magazine I found in the doctor's office while waiting for Sweetpea to have her foot x-rayed:

Oh, funny! Notice the penciled-in addendum that "Steph" loves these, too? That's the other Divine Mrs. M, who is also a Jesus-loving teacher! I should introduce these two wonderful women, don't you think? They seem to have quite a lot in common. Until I can arrange that, though, a bright blue plate full of squares is on its way to Steph's house tomorrow, just because.
salted caramel shortbread in an hour:

For this very special birthday wish, though, a little embellishment seemed in order. A leftover wrapping-paper flower with a button-jar find topped off with a bit of curling ribbon and a birthday card, and it was good to go.
salted caramel shortbread with a wrapping paper flower, a button, and some curling ribbon

Click here for the Google Docs printable recipe:

*A Singing in the Rain allusion, in honor of both kids, who can recite the whole movie verbatim.

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