Zesty Lemon-Dill Firecrackers, Mix Free Version

I love the holidays mostly because they present the opportunity to give just-big-enough treats to people who brighten my world!

Two years ago my mom's neighbor shared a recipe for these crackers after we raved over them. I've made--and shared--them several times since (especially with those who watch sugar intake for whatever reason).

But this year, there's the problem of the bee.

The one in my bonnet.

The kitchen project that's trumping all others right now is mindfully replacing all the junk masquerading as food with real food. I am frankly bewildered when I look through old recipe books and find cans and boxes and packets called for, almost to the exclusion of anything fresh or real. When did we get to be a bag-and-box nation?!

So I'm working on it, replacing whatever I can wherever I can.

It's MY  bee, to be sure, since a bowl of silky, four-ingredient pudding makes my kids no happier than the 37-ingredient kind from a mix, but it makes me happier. And you know what? That counts for something.

When it came time to make one of my favorite teacher- and  neighbor-treats, I set out to replace the called-for packet of dressing mix with something a little less scientific and vague, using whatever I thought might be in ranch dressing.

Next time I might add in some powdered buttermilk to make it more ranch-y, but right now I'm loving it just like it is. I hope our neighbors--and you--do, too.

If you don't want to mix your own, simply substitute a packet of
Ranch dressing mix for the ingredients that go in the food processor bowl. 

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Blessings--and real food--to you and yours!

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