Toffee Blondies in a Jar

At our Pinterest Party last Sunday, this easy gift was the "top seller."

Counting the jar and all the ingredients, real cost was $3.30 per mix. (The ribbon and fabric were stashbusters and the cardstock is just something I have all the time, so account for that if you're budgeting for these.)

Though we didn't finish during the party--because "lightly packed" is open to interpretation and because I didn't correctly calculate just how many boxes of crisped rice cereal would be required--we eventually ended up with 54 jars (55 if you count the sample). Like I said HERE, I planned to do too much (or underestimated how many snack-and-chat breaks we would need, whichever), so sixteen jars ended up being assembled on Monday, after the dust had settled some.

The idea came from this pin, but my taste-testers found that recipe too-too sweet, so I played around with a few recipes until I found a mix that was nicely toffee-y and deliciously chocolaty but not cloyingly sweet. (It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it!) The printable recipe below (a Google document) is the recipe we settled on. I hope you try it and enjoy!

The original pin included some labels, but frankly, sticker paper is expensive (especially when you need 55 of them and when you're trying hard to keep the cost way down). And anyway, it's not fun to peel stickers if you have NO fingernails, once you've cut the edges, have you noticed?

So I set out to design some just for us (and you).

While sitting at my laptop, chin in hand, staring at a blank Publisher page, trying to think through an easy-to-cut label and a way to attach it, this is what I noticed:

And that's how I knew:

Click HERE for this printable. It's free for private, non-commercial use.

The party iteration of these had a separate "directions for baking" card that was just one more thing that had to be cut/punched/tied, but I've since added the directions on the back of this label.

LESS time + LESS paper = MORE yay!

Trim it along the light grey lines, use a punch or scissors to round the corners and use an X-acto knife to open the little grey slits for the ribbon. Cut 17" of ribbon at an angle, then use the point to thread front-to-back first. Tie it in a knot around the jar, and trim the ends.

Add a 7-inch circle of fabric and a ribbon if you're feeling festive...or an upside-down cupcake liner in Christmas colors if you're feeling rushed, like this:

A real plus of this shortcut is that at least I don't feel wasteful when I use one of these. 
I never know what to do with the circles of fabric I receive on gift jars, do you?
(I'm open to suggestions.)

By the way, these "Enjoy" liners came from the dollar bins at Michael's.

Merry Christmas!

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