A New Kind of "Holy War" Living in the new Temperance age.

Just a Drop in a Bucket  An anti-bucket list.

Wide Enough Margins  A tutor named Crisis.

Bonne AnnĂ©e A new year's reflection on the lessons of a hard year.

Food is the Messenger In an age of fast-food on every corner, why is sharing meals still important?

Meals as Ministry  Some ideas on what's important about taking food. (Hint: it's not skill!)

Home  Vacation for me is getting to be me in someone else's world for a while.

Having a Four-Leaf-Clover Focus Part 1  How to find a four-leaf clover...

Having a Four-Leaf-Clover Focus Part 2  ...and treat all of life like a clover hunt!

The Gift of Trouble  Far from being punishment, trouble is a gift. (Really, I just said that!)

Anything But Apples What makes a good gift for teachers?

Praying the Scriptures Why pray a passage from Ephesians for my family, by name?

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