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In our home--like in yours, no doubt--we have a variety of tastes and dietary needs. Our very petite daughter and very active son both struggle to consume enough healthy calories to keep from disappearing. At 50+, I have just the opposite problem. Evening up the scales is C, my husband and their dad, who is diabetic. 

So our menu is varied. I make cakes and cookies for the kids, as well as typical kid-friendly pasta and rice dishes whenever Dad's not going to eat with us. Most of the time we eat foods that are good for all of us and for our Dad, too, including lots of bright vegetables. With diet and most everything in life, we try to maintain a balance. 

Many of the recipes in this index are "diabetic-friendly," and all of them are tested and approved by my family of four and often friends' families as well. Some dishes are better for diabetics than others, and I started a second blog just for those. Come visit me at This Diabetic Life!

I hope you enjoy!

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